Partner Funds


Bourne Partners

Bourne Partners is a financial advisory, investment and consulting firm founded in 2002 that focuses solely on fulfilling the unique needs of established, middle-market healthcare and pharmaceutical companies across the globe. They offer a global reach and extensive experience having consummated deals in more than 30 countries. Their team is composed of former healthcare executives and seasoned investment bankers who have experienced both the operating and transactional sides of the industry. The firm has raised over $2 billion in equity and debt capital and executed over $5 billion in healthcare and pharmaceutical M&A transactions. They are strategically aligned with the Carlyle Group and have formed a close relationships and an active calling effort with more than 300 healthcare companies around the world.


Ohio Tech Angels

The Ohio TechAngel Funds are contributed capital and “sidecar” angel funds with over two hundred members and partners from throughout Ohio. The Funds are interested in engaging qualified entrepreneurs who are developing promising, high-growth Ohio businesses, predominantly in the life sciences, information technology, and physical sciences market sectors. Affiliated with Funds III and IV.

Life Science Angels

LSA is a premier angel investment group focused solely on healthcare investing, specifically, medical devices, molecular and other diagnostics, mHealth, and biotechnology.  LSA was established by senior life science executives and experienced angel investors to meet the need for seed and early stage funding that is often not available from venture capitalists or individual investors.  By identifying promising investment opportunities and bringing together members who add sector-specific experience, broad networks and financial backing, LSA is able to assist emerging companies to execute cash efficiently and to position themselves for strategic partnership, exit, or later-round venture-backed funding. Since 2005, LSA has invested approx. $32,000,000 in 40 companies which have received an additional $600+million follow-on funding from VCs.  Liquidity events – NSpine (acquired by Synthes), Textronics (acquired by Adidas International) and Vasonova (acquired by Teleflex) and one IPO, Zogenix.


Wilmington Investor Network

WIN is a private equity fund of angel investors located in Wilmington, North Carolina.  Membership is comprised of an elite group of serious investors from all areas of business.  As a network, WIN is interested in high-growth companies with potential to provide a high return on investment.  WIN provides capital to early-stage of this caliber throughout Eastern North and South Carolina.


Triangle Angel Partners

TAP is an experienced band of angel investors, in the high tech and life sciences industries, interested in investing their time, analysis and money into early life cycle companies. The members are executives, PhDs, successful entrepreneurs and professional investors. With TAP’s exclusive network, they get the first look at the best new ideas coming out of the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Research Triangle Park areas.


North Coast Angel Fund

NCAF is a contributed capital and “sidecar” pre-seed investment fund with a focus on early-stage technology investments. Their membership consists of a number of the region’s leading investors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who are dedicated to accelerating early-stage ventures. North Coast Angel Fund’s members play an active role by generating deal flow, serving on due diligence teams, working with portfolio companies, or serving on the Investment Screening and Executive Committees. Through this involvement, their goal is to provide a supportive environment for their portfolio companies and ultimately enhance the performance of their Fund.