A sample of investments from our energy portfolio



ABSMaterials was founded in December 2008 to commercialize Osorb®, a swellable organosilica that removes organic compounds from water.  Since then, ABSMaterials  has continued to receive numerous awards and grants for their innovative research and groundbreaking solutions in water remediation.



ProSep offers the most comprehensive portfolio of patented solutions to treat oil, natural gas and produced water to the global oil and gas industry. ProSep’s technology offering is Osorb® media – a patented, re-generable media system which removes, free, dispersed and soluble hydrocarbons and toxic contaminants from oilfield water and gas streams. The primary market for Osorb is the treatment of produced water to meet discharge and reinjection specifications.


Ecolibrium Solar

Ecolibrium Solar is committed to revolutionizing the solar power market. We design simple, cost effective and ecologically sound products that maximize efficiency and minimize costs – making it easier to implement clean energy technology. After more than year of extensive research and development, what began with a clean sheet of paper evolved into a reinvention of the mounting system. Our research team combines the expertise from the automotive, polymer, construction, and solar industries to create a next-generation family of products that are making solar energy more user-friendly and accessible. Reducing the duration and complexity of solar projects in turn promotes economic advantages and ROI.