Investment Approach

How We Invest

McGeever® typically invests in companies positioned in the commercial launch, rapid growth, and middle market segments with unique products and/or services. We focus more on high-risk type investments that are close to major value creation, with the objective of achieving liquidity within the next three to five years. We employ an active diversification strategy and manage risk through industry and geographic variation.

While the monetary contribution to each investment will vary, we evaluate each opportunity per the following criteria:

  • Portfolio Fit
  • Technology/Product/Asset Value
  • Market Opportunity/Growth Potential
  • Financials/Use of Proceeds
  • Management Team
  • Valuation
  • Path to Liquidity

The McGeever family office favors companies that can benefit from our expertise. We work collaboratively with management teams and senior executives to help position companies for expansion or acquisition. In some cases, on larger deals, a principal from McGeever may seek a board seat or gain observer rights to better assist in the strategic planning process.


Since 2003, McGeever has consistently fueled innovation in the healthcare industry. We target dynamic and evolving companies that are shaping the healthcare landscape and patient outcomes to improve overall
quality of life.

  • Medical Technologies
  • Diagnostics
  • Tech-Enabled Services

Information Technology

McGeever continues to invest in data-driven solutions to solve everyday problems and drive technological advances. We look to help facilitate the growth of companies that consistently make the immeasurable, measurable.

  • Enterprise
  • FinTech
  • Consumer


McGeever advances technological improvements that modernize current industry practices and incorporate sustainable behaviors into their standard operational practices. We target impactful, environmental solutions.

  • Renewables
  • Advanced Storage
  • Software

How We Work

The McGeever Advantage works through an alignment of interests with our partners; we rationalize and enhance existing resources to increase our partners’ speed to market and commercialization potential. As our partners are unique, so are our solutions.

The McGeever/Partner relationship is built to be seamless, confidential, and a complement our partners’ existing strategies for success.


We evaluate and maximize resources to provide clients additional power to drive value.

McGeever understands the financial impact of what it takes to effectively launch a product and build a successful business. Our consulting strategies are customized to support partner goals and objectives. We offer a “plug and play” model through our affiliate, SalesForce4Hire, affording partners the advantage of a short-term commitment while building long-term value. Throughout the process, clients retain control of their assets, thereby maximizing optionality. Our goal is to help companies strengthen their market-access strategy, optimize the sales force, and achieve commercial efficiency.

  • New Product Launches
  • Commercial Efficiency
  • Salesforce / Team Optimization


We engage in partnerships that focus on growing core competencies and core assets.

Our joint-venture approach allows us to occupy a “unique” seat at the table by combining market access solutions with the financial and intellectual capital injection required. McGeever fosters innovation for value and reinforces existing strategies by optimizing the primary focus on core competencies and assets. We work with our partners through risk-sharing commercial models to address resource constraints and bring an acute focus to specific assets in need of support.

  • Joint-Ventures
  • Market Access Solutions
  • Risk Sharing Commercial Models