Investment Approach

McGeever typically invests in companies positioned in the emerging growth, rapid growth, and middle market segments with unique products and/or services. We focus more on high-risk type investments that are close to major value creation with the objective of achieving liquidity within the next five years.

We employ an active diversification strategy and manage risk through industry and geographic diversification. We are currently seeking to identify undervalued, high-growth, or distressed opportunities that have the potential to become market-leading assets or companies.

Our office invests directly and through partner funds with private equity, corporate M&A, and angel networks.

While the monetary contribution to each investment will vary, we evaluate each opportunity according to the following criteria:

  • Portfolio fit
  • Technology/Product/Asset value
  • Market opportunity/Growth potential
  • Financials/Use of proceeds
  • Management Team
  • Valuation
  • Path to liquidity

The McGeever office favors companies that can benefit from our expertise. We work collaboratively with management teams and senior executives to help position companies for expansion or acquisition. In some cases, on larger deals, a principal from McGeever may look to take a board seat or gain observation rights to better assist in the strategic planning process.

In order to make sure our portfolio companies strategically align with our investment interests, we evaluate each deal carefully through our extensive due diligence process.